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Baby girl hair cuts- When did you do it?

My husband want to trim our 15 months bangs.  When did you decide to make the first cut? I might just need to wait a few more years. 

Re: Baby girl hair cuts- When did you do it?

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    Well I have 2 boys and I can't stand long hair so I cut theirs every month.

    About to have a daughter and I'll likely even her hair out around 12 months then let it grow just freshening up the ends every 6 months or so. No bangs.

    So far everyone in our family has tons of hair, so hopefully she is blessed with the same.
  • My DH wanted to grow my DD's hair out, but I like bangs, so cut them when they are just about in her eyes. She was born with a full head of hair so 1st haircut was early. I trim the back (more than half way down her back) less frequently.

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  • My DD had a baby mullet when she was born ha ha, so I trimmed that around 5 months. I trimmed her bangs around 1 yer and again around a year and 8 months. 
  • I had to do something about DD's mullet at 19 months. Gave her a cute chin length bob in an effort to let the front catch up. I am still waiting for the front to catch up 2yrs later. I cut the back about every 4-6 months.

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  • I hate all you people who have kids with hair, haha! My daughter is 19 mo and her hair is FINALLY coming in. She may need a mullet chop around two and a half, I think. :D
  • DD (15 mo) has crazy curly hair, so I'm letting it grow in fully before cutting it. She didn't really have any hair until 7 months, so it's not all that long (no pony tails/ fountains until 13 months) and the curls keep it out of her eyes. It'll probably be quite a while before a cut.
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  • I trimmed DD1's bangs by myself for the first few years and waited until she was 3 until we got her first big cut. I'll probably do something similiar with DD2. 
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  • oh no she is just a little girl let them bangs grow. with my first daughter we didn't get her first hair cut till the summer before she started kindergarten and the only reason it was cut then is because she wanted it cut I am a firm believer in letting children make choices of their own when it comes to hair cut or ear piercing. it helps them develop independence and them your not doing something that your child may not want. like my cousin had her daughters ears pierced at 6 months and she is 7 now and hates it she never wears ear rings at all I am sure one day she will grow back into wanting to wear them but right now she is so upset that she has these holes in her ears.i say wait a little longer till your child can let you know whether or not she wants bangs its like cloths my 1 year old we lay out two outfits and allow her to pick the one she wants to wear that day. teaching independence is such a big thing in children you want them to be able to make decisions on their own and not always have to ask you and teaching it now will reflect great in the future
  • DD is 21 months old with naturally curly hair (and was born with a head-full of it). We don't plan on cutting any of it until she's a few years older. When she was younger her hair used to get in her eyes (still sometimes does), but I remedy that by clipping a bow into it or putting it up.
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