Pregnant after 35

First time mom- getting nervous

we are so excited for this little guy to show up! Im starting to get nervous though. 37 years of just caring for myself for the most part- and now my life will revolve around this new little person!

Anyone else starting to feel nervous about the big life changes about to happen?

Re: First time mom- getting nervous

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    I'm starting to feel nervous about going into labor! We had a loss when I was 34, I just turned 36 and because of our loss I spent most of my pregnancy worrying about the baby. Now that I'm further along, I'm worried about how I'll know when I'm in labor, how long it'll take us to get to the hospital, labor, etc. What types of things do you worry about? Exciting!
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    I can relate to both of you! This is not my first but with my first I cried to my husband a few times after 30 weeks (when it reallllly sets in that you will be a mommy). I was sad that we wouldn't have anymore time just the 2 of us ... Scared that I would not be able to handle caring for a little person 24/7 ... That I would not survive sleep deprivation! And I'm not going to lie I also cried after our DS was born. But as long as you remember it's normal to feel all those things and that every other mom understands AND that you can commiserate with your DH / SO because they most likely will feel exactly the same way ... You'll be ok!

    We sat out on our back porch when our DS was a month or so old and said to each other, why doesn't anyone tell you it's so hard and why the hell would anyone ever have a 2nd child! Well we're having our 3rd now so the shock goes away and you become confident in being a mommy ;)
    PS my DS was far far far from an easy baby ... Eating issues, sleeping issues & the worst collic. My DD was a breeze. So even if you get the toughest LO you can do it!!

    And you will know when you're in labor! Either 1) you're water will break which happened w/ LO #1 or 2) you will start to get these cramps and think hmmm I must be imagining this ... Except you'll keep getting them like clock work and they'll get stronger! In short time you will know this is it!

    It all really is exciting!! Doubts & fears included.
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    PlainJane8350PlainJane8350 member
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    Thanks for the pep talk! I'm 30 weeks this week and you are right on, that's exactly when my nerves kicked in. Scary!
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    Totally normal to feel nervous. I remember before I had my eldest, that I always said I wasn't worried about labour but the idea of having a baby to look after had me worried.

    It is a big adjustment, and really no matter what anyone says you can't prepare yourself for it. You can't imagine the sleep deprivation, or the never endingness of babies, or some of the post-partum body stuff. Equally though you can't anticipate how much you will love that little bundle, or how you will creep into their room just to look at them sleeping, or how even when you're desperate to have some time to yourself you'll miss them like crazy.

    It's normal to have doubts. It's normal to cry and to feel frustrated, and to question what you have gone and done.

    It's a crazy journey, and it's different for eveyone, but it's an incredible journey too, and like pp we're onto baby #3 so it must have some positives :)

    Best wishes to you!!
    Elizabeth 5yrs old Jane 3yrs old

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    Hi ladies. 35 and this is my first pregnancy. I wasn't not trying to get pregnant, but it was definitely a shock when I went in for what I thought was a check up to start this process and be told I was already pregnant.

    Now I'm freaking out a little more each day...maybe because of the hormones.

    I also am the first of my group of friends to be feeling a bit alone.

    I tend to be a workaholic so this is definitely a drastic change. I need to take better care of myself, start planning for my baby and learn to stop working past a certain hour...but old habits die hard.

    I'm just glad there is this group to talk to different people going through the same experience...
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    Yes I remember this feeling too.... But the love just over-takes you and you really do adjust quickly... It's the's really a wonderful, difficult journey!
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    Welcome. And congratulations!

    I basically could have written your post myself. Except for the bit about first of the friends - I work in a workaholic - friendly profession and half of my friends became insane superwomen juggling work and family and the other half focused solely on work.

    But I totally get the shock and surprise part.

    How far along are you?

    If you are in first trimester your symptoms may end up helping you make big adjustments to your routine. This process is definitely about your body leading you where it wants to go!

    Again, congrats!
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    I understand this all too well! We tried for a whole year to get pregnant, intellectually I knew what I doing and now I'm saying to myself- what are you doing you crazy 42 year old woman? First child at 42, are you really prepared for this? I know it will be great, but I'm freaking myself out. It also doesn't help that I just spent 5 days with 6 kids under 5 years old!
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