Mommas of IUGR Babies?

Hi all! Any mommas of IUGR kiddos out there? My DD was diagnosed with intra-uterine growth restriction while in my womb. She has a twin brother & although she had her own placenta, he stole all the space! Therefore she was not growing at the rate she should've. She was born at 34 weeks at 3lb 11oz. Her pediatrician said that some IUGR babies are petite their entire lives and some grow to be "normal" height/weight. She said we would generally be able to tell by her 4th birthday. I was curious if anyone had any experiences with this they wouldn't mind sharing? She is 14 weeks and still just 9lb. Her Dr is very pleased with her growth but she is still such a tiny little thing!

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  • My DD was diagnosed IUGR at 24 weeks and born at 37 weeks at 5lbs. She is now 14 months and weighs about 18 pounds. She is tiny but I don't really think that has anything to do with the IUGR. Both my H and I are none too tall (I'm 5'2" and H is 5'10"). I was very petite as a child and I think she will be following in my footsteps. But she is a perfectly healthy and super active little girl!
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  • @ohbaby714 - So happy to hear your DD is happy & healthy! My DH and I are both quite tall, so to see this petite little girl is a bit surprising. Her twin brother looks like a giant compared to her! But the important thing is that she is also happy & healthy - so far, so good!
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  • Our DS was IUGR and he picked up gaining and growing around 6 months and by 1 year was within totally normally percentages for both height and weight.  I think he was even 75% for height at one visit, so I don't think IUGR babies necessarily stay small forever.  Sounds like your little girl is making great progress, keep up the good work Mama!

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  • I'm jumping on here with a quick question. How many of you mommas had babies with IUGR due to a SUA? I see a lot of positive outcomes but google has a ton of horror stories. So thought I'd see what other mommas had experienced. TIA. :)
  • My son was never officially diagnosed with it. He was born at 34 weeks due to severe pre-e and crazy bp, and he was only 2 lbs 13ozs. He was perfectly developed for a 34 weeker just super teeny tiny! Some of the neonatologist think he did have IUGR. If babies are anything like puppies, he's going to be huge because his paws (hands AND feet) are huge for his size lol

    PS I know babies aren't puppies lol
  • @mel122606 - congrats on your LO! Seems like you have a little fighter on your hands! I hope she continues to grow well and get healthier & stronger each day. Many blessings to you & your family!
  • @blairdavis99 thank you so much. She is doing great breathing on her own no cpap being fed moms breast milk. She is now 2lbs 7.5ozs. We're just taking it one day at a time. Thank you for reaching out.
  • mel122606 said:

    @blairdavis99 thank you so much. She is doing great breathing on her own no cpap being fed moms breast milk. She is now 2lbs 7.5ozs. We're just taking it one day at a time. Thank you for reaching out.

    Wow that is a great story to hear so far. It is truly incredible. Please keep us posted. I just came to this board as I gave birth Thursday to an IUGR preemie. She had been measuring 9th percentile weekly since anatomy scan. She came at 33w6d and 4lb9oz. We were happy she seemed to gain alittle more than expected in the last week. Still surprised she was so early though! I came home today but she is still in the NICU. Dropped alittle weight this week but is doing well. Breathing on her own and breastfeeding couple times a day. She was under the lights today for some reddening and hopefully once that's gone she can be weaned out of islet. They won't give a commitment to timing they just say she has to eat, breathe and regulate temp on own for 5 days straight before they consider going home. So weird having my first baby and whirlwind of last two days and now to be home again just hubby me and the dogs.

  • My grandson was born at 30.5 weeks due to Iugr, he was 1lb 8.9 oz. Healthy as a horse. Just need to grow. He is now 9 months and barely weighs 11 lbs. But, he is on track for his milestones, actual age. It is just kinda funny watching this baby that is the size of a 1 mo old bouncing around
  • My DS was born at 32 weeks but the size of a 28 weeker (2 pounds 4 ounces). He's now almost 3.5 and still really small for his age (36 inches, 25 pounds). But he's a fighter!

    There's been talk of growth hormones but we're not ready for that step yet.
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