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How to get LO to sleep on his back

ive been putting LO on his belly during the day since I'm awake and can watch him. Plus he sleeps so much more soundly. The problem is he refuses to sleep on his back! I just got the miracle blanket (I can't swaddle for shite) and put him in it for his afternoon nap and he just screamed bloody murder. He hates having his hands contained and he doesn't like sleeping on his back. He's been sleeping on his side and/or belly since day 1 and he's 3 weeks old. I don't know how to transition him to back sleeping for night time. He's been sleeping on me at night since I am having to sleep in the recliner due to a c-section. I'm ready to move into the bed though and want to put him in his bed at night. Any ideas on how to get him on his back??

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  • Try swaddle with arms out (& long sleeve onesie/pjs if it's cold). Or start at an incline maybe? Like bouncer seat or pack n play napper during day?

  • Don't ... Let him sleep on his tummy that's how he feels secure.. On a flat surface with a light blanket.. And a monitor
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    We have the same problem. I just stopped fighting it. LO needs sleep. I am a really light sleeper so I just keep his monitor by me when I sleep. He is almost 2 months and just started refusing to sleep on his back.
  • I don't have any recommendations for how to get babe to change sleep positions although my LO often ends up on his tummy too. It stressed me out as well until I read an article, I'm sorry I can't remember where, and it was by a doctor encouraging parents to trust their babies instincts and let them sleep how they want. I think it's more likely to be a risk when a baby is getting moved into a position, such as rolling onto his tummy because there is an incline, rather than it being because he intended too. And didn't they use to recommend babies sleep on their belly a generation or so ago anyways? Try not to stress :)
  • I agree with all the comments here. I know you are worried about the safety of stomach sleeping. Yes back sleeping is safer but co-sleeping on a recliner is also not considered safe. I don't know the exact statistics but my gut reaction is that crib sleeping on the stomach is much safer than co sleeping on stomach in a recliner. I mean this in a helpful way, no judgment, I have fallen asleep sitting up in bed and on the couch with my babies countless times.
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    Get the love to dream sleep swaddle/blanket. They have one where you can leave the arms swaddled or unzip it to have one or both arms free. I was in the same boat amd this seems to be working great now!
  • I had the same problem with my baby girl. She refuses to sleep on her back I tried to swaddle arms out and she'd wake up every hour. She is now 9 weeks old and she's been sleeping in her crib on her tummy since she was 4 weeks old. Sleeps through the night with ease! Follow your mommy instincts at the end of the day your baby is unique and what works for others may not work for you. Good luck !
  • Just a heads up for those that might not know - LO's daycare told me she has to sleep on her back there, no blanket (per regulations).

    I'm all for doing what works for you, but just wanted to give parents who had to send to daycare a heads up!

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  • From day one, my LO has always rolled to her side. I was told by the nurses that as long as I place her on her back she's safe to roll to her side or belly as long as she's doing it herself.
  • @krystleshel ... That seems like a crazy expectation. I've never heard of such a thing.

    So just out of curiosity, what happens if your baby won't sleep on his or her back? 'They just keep waking the kid up or call the parents to come get their misbehaved sleeping child? Lol
  • From what I understand, yes. Not pertaining to the back situation, but 2 moms I know who EBF sent their baby to daycare not used to a bottle & the daycare called the mom to leave work and come get the baby bc it refused to eat & was screaming. Maybe it's a state policy to follow the ABC sleeping guidelines. I didn't ask since my LO slept on back from birth, but like I said, whatever works for each mom is best for their baby. Just passing on what I've heard.

  • May mom.  My LO has primarily slept on her side since birth (she rolled from back to side since day one, like pp).  But now at almost 10 weeks I find she's on her back more and more in the mornings, even though she goes to sleep on her side with me, nursing.  Maybe it'll iron itself out on its own.

    And, yes, a daycare would be sued and charged if a baby died in care because they were not sleeping the safest way.
  • Awesome b/c my baby loves sleeping on her tummy and hates being flat on her back!
  • We have the swaddle sleep sacks and we put a pillow under their mattresses to elevate them a little bit. They seem to like it better than being completely flat. This also helped with their congestion during their first cold too. Good luck!
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