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Tryp Best Chair??

Does anyone have this chair and if so how tall are you?? I want to order it but my local store doesn't have one for me to try and I'm worried the back will be too short to rest my head against. I'm 5'10! Please help!!! Thank you!!

Re: Tryp Best Chair??

  • asm07asm07 member
    We don't have the Tryp chair, but we do have the Irvington. I just looked online and it's half an inch taller than the Tryp. I'm 5'7, and I wish it was just a little higher in the back. That said, it's not uncomfortable for me or my husband who is 5'11".
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  • Thanks!! Can your husband lean his head on it or is it too short for that?
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  • asm07asm07 member
    Not his entire head. The top of the cushion stops right above the back of his neck, if that makes sense. When the chair is reclined he says it's comfortable. If he's rocking, he usually puts a pillow behind his head for extra support.

    We really love our chair and feel it was worth every penny. I don't think you'll be disappointed!
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