Pregnant after 35

Adopting during pregnancy

Any adoptive parents here? Care to share your stories of adoption blending with biological kids? What are your thought on families who conceive right after/during an adoption match?

Re: Adopting during pregnancy

  • I don't have personal experience, but my aunt and uncle adopted my cousin after trying and trying to conceive on their own, then got pregnant with my other cousin naturally!
  • Really! How long after they adopted did they conceive? Pre-placement or post-placement? Have they ever shared their feelings about how that happened? Any advice they may want to offer a strange lady on the internet? After 2 years of waiting we have the perfect match - with placement happening in a few weeks!!! I am 11 weeks pregnant. We have disclosed and are going to proceed but wow does this ever put a spin on things.
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  • I'm not sure but, honestly, I'm sure my aunt would be happy to answer all of your questions. I'll shoot her a message on Facebook so just in case you want to task to her, I'll have her email ready for you. Exciting!
  • Oh thank you so much! We are very happy but a little overwhelmed! I have just ordered the book "Bald, Fat and Crazy" by a woman who battled breast cancer in the same year that they adopted and that she was pregnant. :) Judging from the title, she has a wonderful sense of humor.
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    My aunt said that she'd love to speak with you!

    Just tell her that Shannon sent you!
  • Thank you! ! I have sent her a message. Really really appreciate that. (Now that I have her email you may wish to delete from your post.)
  • Good call! She wrote back right away, it'll probably be a nice break in her normal routine to have someone to talk to about her experience. Let me know how it goes and congratulations on both babies!
  • Thank you so much! This board is just full of wonderful people!

    Hmm, her reply did not make it to my inbox. I checked my junk mail but there was nothing there. I wonder if you would mind terribly asking her to resend? She would just be hitting "reply" to my message, so I don't see how it could have gone awry.
  • I was saying that she wrote me back and have me her email address to send you, sorry! If she didn't reply, then here is my email address and I'll copy and paste her email address to you myself just in case I made an error when I typed it on here:
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