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Crying fits after every meal.

My 5 week old cries hard after nearly every meal. He is 100% on breast milk, I pump exclusively, he burps after every ounce, rarely spits up, burps and passed gas with what seems like ease but instead of being content after eating he starts crying shortly after and continues until he falls alseep.

What am I missing? Any suggestions? Maybe I just have a "fussy" baby... We have tried gripe water and gas drops. While they seem to help some, it's really hit or miss. I have cut out all dairy, avoid gassy veggies and staying away from spicy foods. Any one else experiencing this or have any advice for me? Sometimes the crying is a fussy cry, other times it seems like a painful cry, hard belly and drawing legs up, all the while passing gas on his own.

Re: Crying fits after every meal.

  • is he still hungry maybe?
  • Could you try a different type of bottle?
  • @JessHeppell he's drinking 3-4 ounces at a sitting. I have tried giving him more but he refuses.
  • @ChardeeMacDennis I was going to try that. We currently are using the Medela Calma bottle which mimicked breast feeding as close as possible. He can't get any milk from the bottle unless he actively sucks. You can hold the bottle upside down and nothing will come out. With this bottle he is able to pause while eating just like he would when nursing so changing the bottle was the last thing I had thought of but I do have other bottles. It's worth a shot. Thanks.
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    That was my child two weeks ago. I am convinced he has some acid reflux. We are on formula so we switched him to enfamil ar and he is a new child. No screaming after eating and sleeping well. Maybe tal to your doctor about reflux and how to help him... Incline to sleep etc. Good luck.
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  • Have you tried adding gas drops like Mylicon into his bottle? My LO had the same thing and the drops have been life saver.
  • @cheriep3 I have tried giving them before eating and also tried giving after but I have not added to the bottle
    yet. Does that make a difference?
  • Have you tried cutting down to 2-3 ounces? They'll keep sucking even when full, so 4 oz might be too much.
  • My girl was that way too. Still is, to some extent, but not as bad as it was. 7 weeks old today. I do use gripe water with her when she gets hiccups. I think maybe she just outgrew it.

    She'd always act like she wanted more food, but when we'd give her more, she'd spit the whole meal up. We just snuggled her and dealt with it.

    I also exclusively pump and feed 100% breastmilk.
  • @Abbiboyce we tried gripe water after he ate and it didn't work. Not sure if it's the new brand or giving it to him in his bottle but it seems to work.
  • My neighbor just told me about Gerber Soothe Colic drops. It's a probiotic and has been amazing the past few days with my LO. I would speak to his pediatrician about acid reflux
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    Abbiboyce said:

    Well I tried our Tommie Tippee bottles tonight and for the first time today he fell asleep without crying. I'm going to kick myself in the butt if that truly is all it is. Not getting my hopes up yet but he's napping on the couch with daddy and I'm enjoying a well deserved drink!

    I was just wondering if it was the bottle. Since he is taking a bottle and not the breast there really isn't a need for the bottle to mimic a nipple right? Let that milk flow freely haha. Perhaps he is getting frustrated trying to retrieve the milk? I too exclusively pump and supplement. Conditions need to be extemelyfavorable for him to nurse. He can't be too hungry or else he won't want to work for it which is why he rarely nurses! The boy is too much of a piggy.
  • @laurendutch thank you for the suggestion. I have to go to the store later I will definitely look for those!
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