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Low hCG levels?

By way of background, I miscarried in April and am now 7w3d.  My hCG and progesterone levels are low.  At 6w, hCG was 2,352 and progesterone was 7.60 (which was down from the previous blood draw of 12.58).  We heard a heartbeat, baby measured at 6w1d, and my doctor put me on Crinone for two weeks.  Went in for blood work at 7w and hCG did not double and is only 4,800, but progesterone increased to 10.  I go in for an ultrasound tomorrow and am trying to be cautiously optimistic!  Has this ever happened to anyone with low blood work, but healthy baby?

Re: Low hCG levels?

  • I am sorry you are having to go through this stress.  I am praying that your ultrasound brings you good news and peace of mind tomorrow. 
  • I had low hcg once with my frozen cycle went from 60 to 85 then started doubling, miscarried. Then next month got pregnant first draw was 25 then to 35 and then went to 107, started doubling and at 6 wks miscarries again. Not sure about later hcg numbers but wanted to say good luck' saying a prayer for you.
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  • I didn't check my levels with my loss, but with this pregnancy I did. I don't think it quite doubled, but it did rise. Praying!
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    My HCG stopped doubling in 48 hours after they hit 1200, my OB doesn't even bother with them after seeing a HB.

    I was put on oral progesterone with this pregnancy because my level was only 9, she increased it 3 times. It never got over 12.5, but LO was fine. I stopped taking it at 13 weeks, and he is doing great.

    I don't think your numbers are that bad, good luck!
  • Thanks, all. The baby measured fine and had a stronger heartbeat yesterday. I'm crossing my fingers and appreciate the prayers!
  • Fantastic news!
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