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Hey girls!
I got the green light to stop Crinone at 11 weeks but I had a few left so I stopped at 11 weeks 3 days.
I've been off of it for 4 days now and today I've noticed a pretty decent increase in CM.
It makes logical sense to me as to the how and why this is happening, but I didn't know if anyone else had experiences the same or not.


Started TTC 7/12
BFP on 7/27/12.
Suspected Miscarriage on 8/14/12 @ 6w1d..
Ectopic found & removed from right tube on 9/7/12 @ 9w4d.

Continued trying for another year.
HSG Oct 2013 shows Left tube clear, right tube blocked.
BFP Nov 2013. Miscarriage at 5w3d.
BFP Jan 2014. Ectopic- found and removed from left tube 6w2d.

On to IVF.
Hydrosalpinx found in right tube. Oct 2014.
Remaining portions of Right and Left tubes removed 1/6/15.
Started BCP FEB 24,
started stims Mar 18.  Antagonist protocol. (menopur, bravelle, cetrotide)
"Slow responder" - stimmed for 14 days.
Triggered with 5,000IU norvarel.  8 Follicles. 5 Retrieved. 4 Mature. All 4 fertilized w/ICSI.
OHSS- Transfer cancelled.
2 Embies made it to day 5. Both 4ab; frozen.
FET Scheduled for May 20th!!
1 5ab frosty transferred.
BFP @ 4dp5dt
Beta: 12dp=248 | 14dp=648 | 25dp=7,442

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