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D&C done, anyone having or had issues with using restroom??

just had my d&c today, my stomach aches like I need to use the restroom. Pushed pretty hard for nothing it was difficult since I do not have an issue using the restroom before. Am I the only one going through this or had gone through this when getting the procedure done the same day? I ate horribly today and maybe I shouldn't have had any thing bad but I couldn't help myself. (Emotional eater) just still in shock. But my belly aches! Help!

Re: D&C done, anyone having or had issues with using restroom??

  • I'm in the same boat. Had my D&C on Tuesday, ate McDonald's right after and pizza yesterday because yeah, emotional eating, and have been having bathroom issues. 

    It's pretty normal even if you don't eat poorly afterwards because you're having hormone changes as a result of the loss which mess with your regularity. It supposedly will resolve itself in a little while. I found going for little walks helps get things moving (not to mention it helps you emotionally during such a rough time to get fresh air)
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  • Sorry for you loss. Yeah the nurse told me not to eat poorly but that went out the window when we got back yesterday. I've been very gassy I know tmi. I'm just overwhelmed right now with sadness:/ but for sure I am going for a walk tomorrow probably out in the public world just to see if I can handle it. We will get through this.
  • Did you have anesthesia for your procedure? That can make your bowels slightly more sluggish they told me. However, I am a rarity when it comes to how the hcg affects my bowels. Tmi, but the only time I am regular is when I am pregnant. so I had no problems after the d&c probably because of what hcg does to me. Hope your physical healing is fast, emotional healing definitely takes time.
  • Sorry for your loss too. It's hard emotionally it's sorta overcoming the fact I really can't use the restroom this week. I usually go regularly but I barely went this week. It's just tough all around.
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