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Waiting for O days.......

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I'm feeling a little impatient today waiting for my +BPK. Just wanted to get that off my chest so I don't drive DH crazy! Lol

Anyone else?

Re: Waiting for O days.......

  • Waiting is so hard! Months ago I felt like the TWW was the worst part, now I feel like waiting to O is even MORE stressful!
    Hang in there!!! ;)
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  • I'm trying! But I calculated from the day I got BFP back and if it was the minimum 12 days to test + that means I O'd on CD8 in June (CP was end result) So il wondering if I missed it this time. I started OPK on day 7 or 8 but maybe misread a -. We BD on CD 4,5,6 &8 so far. Today is CD11. Now DH is sick so I'm getting anxious. I know I'm probably over analyzing it. I need someone to talk me down. Lol
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  • Glad you got your flashing smiley!
    For whatever reason I O anywhere between cd13-cd17 and it's extremely frustrating not knowing when it will happen from month to month.
    This past month I had 7 or 8 days, (can't remember now), of flashing smileys before my peak.
    I went a little mental over it.
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  • I can imagine you did! I will too if I get that many flashies. This is my first cycle using OPK so we'll see!
  • People get BFP's before 12dpo, so you can't use that as a way to calculate your previous O date.
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  • True! Well I took a digital OPK this morning around 10 and got a flashing smiley! Yay! I just hope DH is feeling better so we can BD.
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