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Anyone ever get fitter AFTER baby?

I was a little overweight right before pregnancy. I was trying to get in shape when I found out I was pregnant. I'm just about back to my pre-preggo weight 2 months PP just EBF and eating right, but I was really hoping I could actually still lose the weight I wanted to lose before. I guess it just feels kind of hopeless and I'm wondering if anyone has done it before or if it's so rare I shouldn't hold my breath, you know?
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Re: Anyone ever get fitter AFTER baby?

  • Completely do able ! I feel better health wise (I'm 7months out after having my son) my blood pressure is down, my energy is up and I have lost weight. I started my pregnancy overweight but I'm consistently losing at this point.

    Think about why you want to lose weight and focus on that. For me it was my boys and my family- I want them to remember me taking part in their daily activities and having fun.

    You can do it !
  • You can totally do it! I'm petite and gained 63 lbs with our first, who is 8.5 years old now. I didn't really start working out regularly til he was a year. I'm 21 weeks pregnant with our second and in great shape and continuing my workouts throughout this pregnancy- it's just become a lifestyle choice. Just make small changes here and there in your routine and diet and stick to them. Eating better and working out makes me a much happier person and in return a happier wife & Mommy:)

    I still have days where I want to binge eat and thw last thing I want to do is workout. But I try to remind myself how good I'll feel after I workout and it'll get easier and easier.

    Good luck!
  • This was me throughout my pregnancy and even after!!! I started eating cleaner and healthier throughout my pregnancy. People kept asking me and telling me that I looked thinner when I was pregnant. It wasn't that I wasn't eating enough. It was that I was eating the right nutrients that I needed. I have always danced, jogged, and stayed active. So during my pregnancy, I was also very active! I walked/jogged and went up and down the stairs at work on a daily basis-I'm a teacher and my classroom was upstairs. I plan to continue my gym workouts, yoga, and weight lifting now on my second baby. Follow me on IG @amillie_w would love to share my journey!
  • Yes, definitely!  I got into really great shape after my second child.  After he was born I developed an auto-immune disorder that wasn't discovered until he was 8 months old, and in that amount of time I had lost a ton of weight and my body looked awful (saggy, etc), hair was falling out, just really overall un-healthy and underweight.  As soon as I got that straigtened out I started going to the gym every day and made some friends and tried some classes and made it an every day thing.  I put some weight back on, put a lot of muscle on and was in the best shape of my life.  I worked out during my entire 3rd pregnancy and went back to the gym around 6 months post partum, and it was pleasantly suprising how quickly my body remembered what to do once I started my workouts again.  Now I'm 25 weeks into baby #4 and still doing my workouts, hoping things will work out similarly after this (last) baby as well.  
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  • OMG I'm finally in the best shape of my life! I thought it was crazy that I was in better shape AFTER baby than before!!!!
    Before getting pregnant, I was already 20lbs above my comfort zone.... Packed on 85lbs with my little lady! She will be 2 in July and I'm 98lbs down!!! I have been since her first birthday.  I feel Fabulous!!!!!!!!! You ladies are all rockstars!!!! <3
  • I was pretty skinny before my first pregnancy. But after the birth I wanted to lose some weight  :). The only benefit of the situation was that I could gain muscles and make some parts of my body bigger. Having followed the tutorials from this site , I received good results. Now I'm waiting for the second baby. I hope I won't face issues with the weight after the birth again. Anyway, even if I have to work hard on my body one more time, it is worth it :)
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