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Ok so my LO is a pretty good boy and plays well by himself most of the day. However there are days where he is just so clingy and constantly whining even though I know nothing is wrong. He paws at me to hold him and whines and whines and whines. I'll play with him and then let him be and he just does not like that.

I'm wondering if this is a phase or a spurt of some kind. I also wonder if it's a side effect from teething. He really is a good boy but the days he's whining all day and what not is a bit frustrating for me because I'm a FTM and not sure what's normal or not and just going along as best I can.

Re: Whining

  • My little guy is doing the same thing. It has been going on for a few days. Dr said he is so close to cutting teeth so I am hoping that is what it is. Good Luck!! I know its tough, lets hope it passes soon.

    How has he been sleeping at night?
  • He usually does ok at night just wakes for a diaper or feeding once. But I use orajel when he shows signs of chewing a lot and sometimes before bed. So I don't know if that's helping or not.
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  • DS is 6 months and has days like this every once in a while, sometimes a few days in a row. It always passes. I just chalk it up to growing, teething (maybe?), not feeling well (?), or just having an off day (even adults have bad days, you know?). It always passes.
  • Kids change constantly and every day is different. Try to roll with the punches. Could be teething.

  • I've got a whiny lo who is very clingy! He is 6 1/2 months old. He's mostly whiny when he's tired or hungry. The afternoons are rough. We go outside a lot because he loves it and it's super distracting. Rainy days suck lol! I have a feeling this is who he is going to be...gonna be working on that when he's older haha! Just keep reminding yourself he's just a baby and can't tell you what he needs or wants but he'll eventually be able to and you'll wish you had these days back. Soak up the good times!
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