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Intro! :)

hello ladiessss,

So, I hope I am not here for too long. I have been lurking for a while and decided I should finally join in. I am 25, DH is 29.. We started ttc in February and it took a few months for us... I started my miscarriage on June 28th at 7w4d, passed everything naturally... Am actually rh-, and was never given the shot at the hospital. Way to make me anxious about ttc even more so now! It has been a hard few weeks but reading everyone's stories and support has helped a lot. My betas are finally down, and I'm waiting any day for AF. Hopefully I can help provide support while I'm here, and while we're all waiting for our rainbows ❤️

Re: Intro! :)

  • Welcome, and I am so sorry for your loss.  I wish you the best of luck on your journey
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  • Thank you !
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  • Hi Melanie! Welcome. I'm sorry for your loss and that you have to be here. I hope none of us have to be here long, but while we are here it is a great place to support one another. I decided to not tell anyone about my miscarriage (had my D&C on June 22nd at about 9 1/2 weeks) and this community has been a great comfort in just knowing I'm not alone in how I'm feeling. Glad you decided to start contributing (I lurked for a while too ;))
  • I'm sorry about your loss and you have to be strong to keep it to yourself! It's not an easy thing to go through especially without support. Praying for your rainbow baby sooner than later . Thank youuuuu.
  • Hi, I'm so sorry for your loss. Best of luck to you! Hope AF comes soon!
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  • Thank You @MamaBish ! She cannot come soon enough. Should have been here if my cycle was going to be regular
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