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Falling asleep while eating

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when I was nursing, every once in a while my lo would fall asleep during the feeding. Now that we are formula feeding, it happens less often but it still happens. I have tried to move him to his crib but he always wakes up. So now I just let him snooze on my lap/boppy pillow. He's 6 months and I'm worried that this is not a good idea. I have to admit, I love it but I want to make sure I'm doing what's best for him. It happens about once a week maybe twice. I guess what I'm really asking is, which is more important? The sleep that he gets no matter where it is or sleeping in his crib and risk waking him?

Re: Falling asleep while eating

  • The only thing that matters in this post is where you say "I love it". If you love holding your LO while he sleeps then don't stop. You ARE doing what is best for him. Trust me on that. You won't create bad habits because everything can be "fixed" down the road.

    People told me to stop rocking my kids to sleep and I'm glad I didn't listen. My son is now 3.5 and I miss that time with him. My daughter is 9 months and is cuddling less and less so enjoy it.

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