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Overstuffing Issue

DD is 18 months and over stuffs almost every single time she eats. I spoke with both the pediatrician and also my sister who is a speech therapist. They both say it is normal and she will outgrow it. Wondering if anyone else is/has gone through this? Any suggestions? She is very independent and wants to feed herself and uses utensils independently. She is able to bilateralize food while chewing and is able to take a bite out of a piece of food no problem. The issue is the over stuffing. I present a few pieces at a time and after each piece of food she takes I tell her to wait and we do a quick count to 5 until she's done chewing then continue. I am a SPED teacher so I am very familiar with feeding issues but things always feel different when it is your own child. Just want to make sure I am doing everything right .

Re: Overstuffing Issue

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    DS sometimes crams too much in his mouth at once and sometimes chokes and spits it out so I try to give him small bits at a time and wait to give him more and also because he feeds it all to the dog when he's done if I give him all the food too.
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    Ugh DS does this too and it is awful. He gets irate if we attempt to stop him or remove excess from his mouth and then he screams with his mouth full and starts to choke. It's like a nightmare.

    I really don't have much advice cuz we are struggling too! Oh yeah and the latest addition to this fight is he'll stick his fingers in his mouth and keep them in there and attempt to chew his giant mouthful. Then he'll cry that he can't chew. Sigh.
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    Ugh yep it's so hard. She just eats so fast and attempts to put everything in her mouth at once
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