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Repeat C Section or VBAC

Ladies!! I need your help! Okay. So with my first, I had to have an E-C Section. Now, with my first being 18 months old...I am 8 months pregnant and terrified!

A VBAC is ideal, however, I'm terrified of a uterine rupture and harming the baby. I know the chances of that happening are very slim, it scares me bc I got pregnant so close in age between this child and my son; I feel maybe the scar hasn't had enough time to heal! Please give me some good VBAC stories, I need them!!

Now for the C Section option; I'm thinking of doing this bc this way, the chance of a uterine rupture is much smaller and my baby would not be harmed! However, I am terrified of dying on the table or after from some rare complication! I wasn't scared with my first c section bc it was an emergency and I just wanted my baby out and safe! This time, I've had 8 months to think and think and think about this decision. And the thought of me dying and leaving my beautiful baby boy and soon to be baby girl without a mother just breaks my heart. I don't know what to do. And I'm running out of time. :(

Are these c section fears rational? Am I crazy? Were any of you repeat c section mamas scared? How did things work out?

Re: Repeat C Section or VBAC

  • Hi, I wish I had advice. I am grateful for your post though because I am in a similar situation. Emergency c-section with my first child and I am 9 weeks along with my second. So I too am considering vbac and I am scared of both another c-section and vbac. With my first I was in labor a long time before we had to do an emergency c-section a tear ended up with me having to have rectal surgery 4 months after the delivery and I was so miserable for so long after both surgeries. The up side I see with a c-section this time is I can schedule it so it doesn't have to be emergency and I can work with my doctor to choose a reasonable date before I lose all the fluid like last time. I am just waiting to speak with my doc in a few weeks since I haven't been yet. I am hoping they will have good advice and reassuring direction. Good luck! Maybe someone with personal experience can give us both some insight. :)
  • I really wish I could give you comfort and more confidence in your choice. I have had 5 children and am currently 15 weeks with my 6th. My first 3 I had vaginally and my last two were c-sections, the first of which was emergency. Baby was breech and we tried flipping her and she went into distress immediately. My last section was due to baby being breech again. It crushed me because I was hoping to have a vbac. With so many little ones at home I wanted to have the shortest recovery possible. That being said my second section was actually my easiest recovery. Once we decided on having a repeat section (at 26 weeks, baby was stuck breech, I have septate uterus) I went home and did as much research as I could, talked to as many people I knew had sections, and voiced every question and concern to my doctors. I went in to the hospital armed with knowledge and prepared for what was to come. I felt to comforted having DH by my side and having both of my doctors doing my section because they knew me and we were all prepared. I am lucky with the hospital we have chosen. They do skin to skin while in the operating room putting me back together. Baby is with you the whole time in recovery and you can hold LO as soon as you want. Just remember that if you choose a section to get up and walk as much as possible. It hurts at first but helps so much. Stay on top of your pain meds. Drink plenty of fluids. And a belly binder is your best friend!

    Talk with your doctor. Voice all of your concerns. I think preparing yourself is the only way you will feel comfortable with your decision. Good luck!
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