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C-section vs. Vaginal Delivery

I am about 6 weeks away from my scheduled induction for my twin boys! I don't know many people personally who have had twins, but I always kind of assumed that most were born via csection.

How many of you ladies had a csection/vaginal delivery? Im wondering about the experience/recovery process of both!

Thank You!

Re: C-section vs. Vaginal Delivery

  • Both kiddos were head down so I tried for a vaginal delivery. I was induced at 34 weeks due to severe preeclampsia & put on magnesium and a catheter throughout the labor process. Apparently the magnesium and pitocin kinda fight against each other and after 30 hours, my labor had not progressed enough so I had a c section. Recovery was brutal after the having the catheter and magnesium for so long. Plus they left some placenta inside (fairly rare for a c sec) so I had to have a D&C at 7 weeks pp. It was a full 10 weeks before I felt like myself again. However, had I know about the magnesium ahead of time, I would have opted for a c sec straight away and spared myself all the labor pain. Sorry for the "downer" story - I'm sure you will get some more positive experiences soon! Good luck!
  • I'm interested too. I'm terrified of having a c-section! I'd prefer not to have one unless it's absolutely nessasary. I'm curious about c-section recovery: did you feel like it made it difficult to care for your little ones?
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  • @jaybirdpop - My kiddos were in the NICU for 19 & 25 days after delivery so it wasn't as if I was caring for them at home immediately after discharge. I didn't get to see them for a full 24 hours after delivery because I had to be on magnesium and restricted to my bed. It was terrible - my whole family saw my kids before I did! I tell you - magnesium is worse than the devil in my eyes lol! If I had to guess about a more "typical" c sec delivery, I would think it would be a bit difficult to move around various parts of the house. I think having everything you need in one room or one floor would be helpful. Also may be hard to lift kiddos from certain angles but that it probably just trial & error. And I tried to lift my double stroller in & out of the car at like 2 weeks pp and that was a very bad idea!
  • I'm interested too. I'm terrified of having a c-section! I'd prefer not to have one unless it's absolutely nessasary. I'm curious about c-section recovery: did you feel like it made it difficult to care for your little ones?

    I was like you terrified of a c section. I only knew 2 other twin moms before my delivery and they had VERY strong opinions on how selfish I was being to not have a scheduled c section. Had it become medically necessary I know that my daughters safety would overcome my fear with no problem. But I was lucky and had a "fairly" easy vaginal Delivery. Baby B came breech and it def. hurt but I have 2 gorgeous daughters and I wasn't shamed into a certain birth I was uncomfortable with. Make sure you know ALL the risks on both sides and have a doc you can trust. And do what "feels right"!!! Had I just scheduled a c section bc of those moms I think I would have felt awful about my babies birth. But had I had to have a c section for their safety or mine I would feel ok. C section is a harder recovery bc well it's surgery. But as longs as you get your healthy babies and you feel confident in your choice that's what matters! But know vaginal IS. An option.
  • I went into labor at 32 weeks and had a csection because baby b was transverse and I didn't want to risk the double whammy. I also had magnesium. My c section recovery was a breeze and I seriously can barely tell I had surgery 11 days later. If I had other children at home to care for it may have been a different story. My biggest issue was constipation from the pain meds.
  • I had both baby A and baby B vaginally, I was induced at 33weeks. Baby A was head down and so was Baby B. They did a quick ultrasound in between delivering A and B to make sure B stayed in position! She did! So I was able to have them both vaginally. They did require me to give birth in an operating room (so uncomfortable and like hard to deliver on a tiny operating table lol! ) but that was it!
  • I had my 1st son via emergency c section before I ever went into labor because of issues with the placenta. I have nothing to compare it to, but my doc told me that recovery from a scheduled c section is infinitely easier than an emergency c section after laboring. I will say that my experience was very positive. I was up and walking around the next day and went home on day 4. I could've stayed 5 days instead, and honestly I'll probably stay the full 5 days this time for the twins. We sprung for a private hospital room, and it was totally worth it IMO. We don't have any family nearby so it was really nice to have some extra support from the nurses. Totally your decision, but don't let people scare you regarding the c section. It seriously is not that bad!
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  • I just had my scheduled c section Aug 6th for my twin girls due to breech positions. My first born was an all natural vaginal birth. Very different experience! I'd much rather prefer the first way. Right now I'm on pain meds and can barely get around. I can't lift my son either. The surgery was an hour long. With numbness during you can't feel pain but still pulling and pressure. I was very nervous the whole time. I had nausea during and after. I was very drowsy and out of it the whole day. Which was the opposite of my vaginal birth. After which I felt amazing mentally. Physically down there hurt but the pain only required ibuprofen. Labor itself was short but very intense. Total of 6 hours. Worth it though to not have major abdominal surgery. It also made me feel slightly disconnected from my babies at first and I cried a lot.
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    I had my twins via scheduled csection because of the positions of the babies. A was head down B was transverse, so I didn't want to risk having a double whammy. I never went into labor so I think that helped with my recovery. My csection went really well, no complications with me or the twins and I felt fine after about 2 weeks. I was nervous about csection but I had mentally prepared for it, and the nurses walked me through the whole thing of what to expect and were there the whole time. That really helped!
    They brought them around the curtain right after they were born so I could see them, then after they were wrapped up I got to hold them for a while. Worst part was waiting to get stitched up so I could join them in recovery!
  • I was all on board for a vaginal delivery until my Twin A flipped to footling breech at 30 weeks.  My doctor informed me of the risks of interlocking twins during delivery and I immediately understood that I was headed towards a C-section.  My water broke at 35+3 and I went in for my section.  My spinal anesthetic didn't work...at all, which is very rare.  To be honest my experience was T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E!  I think my husband and I both have PTSD from the surgery itself but the recovery was a breeze.  I was up and walking fairly comfortably with Tylenol only that same day.

  • I delivered my twin boys vaginally on June 16th. I was induced at 37w4d. Both boys were head down. They broke my water at 9am (ish) and I delivered my first son at 3:05pm and my second at 3:10pm, both were delivered in the operating room just in case they had to do a section. My labor and delivery were pretty easy, I got an epi around 11am and other than being uncomfortable from the catheter and the constant leaking (I didn't know that you kept leaking after your water breaks, I thought it was one big whoosh and done but nope!) everything was fine.

    I threw up when they were pushing on my stomach to deliver the placenta and that was gross and painful but other than that, not too bad. I had to have a blood transfusion because I hemorraged because my sons were pretty big (A was 6lbs13oz and B was 7lbs5oz) and they monitored me for a while, I was in recovery for 3hrs but my sons were with me most of the time and I felt pretty good.

    There was very little recovery time and I am really thankful for that. Caring for twins is hard work and I can't imagine recovering from surgery and doing it, I give those moms a lot of credit.

    I feel I was lucky to be able to deliver vaginally but if one of the boys had changed positions or there were any red flags, I would have opted for a section. You have to do what is safest for both the babies and yourself, that is the bottom line.

    I hope my story gave you some hope
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