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My son has had sensory issues with food since he was born. Recently I'm wondering if his sleep issues are related to this as well. He's almost 6 and he constantly wants to be right next to me during the day and at night. I'm wondering if a weighted blanket would help him sleep better. He wakes up almost every night for no reason that I can figure out.

Are there any disadvantages to using one if it's not needed? I think it might be worth a try.

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Re: Weighted blankets

  • Problems sleeping go hand in hand with sensory issues. Children w SPD can have trouble feeling grounded while laying in bed which is why heavy or weighted blankets can be recommended. Speak w your child's occupational therapist or pediatrician, but it seems like it could help in your situation. My firstborn (who has diagnosed SPD) used to sleep w a heavy down feather comforter.
  • I have a son that has now officially been dz with autism. The weighted blanket has been a god send. So much so he will go get it himself when he is in sensory overload. If we r somewhere and don't have it we also use sensory balls * basically prickly balls *he will rub on his arms or belly etc. He often seeks clothes a size too tight. It has helped with meltdowns or sensory overload tremendously. They go by 10% of his weight, so if he is 40 lbs, the blanket would weigh 4 lbs. Good luck. A site called sensory integration is awesome
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  • The weighted blanket is awesome! My daughter is a deep pressure seeker and would never fall asleep by herself or alone. I would have to hold her on my chest and rub her back until she went. She was 4 at the time. The first time she slept alone in her room, i gave her a fruity 5mg melatonin melt, put the blanket on her and she was out within 15 minutes. After a couple days i stopped the melatonin and just put the blanket on her and got the same results. Eventually she didnt even need the blanket anymore. She's 6 now and never needs it. But when she's being super aggy, i put it on her and you can hear her snoring within minutes.
  • I have a friend who has had a lot of success with weighted blankets for her son. I can't think of a disadvantage to at least trying them, and if cost is a concern (as it is for me) there are tutorials online for making them yourself. Good luck!
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  • My ds loves his. He has autism and we have had it a year now. He often requests it. At tuck in time I ask if he wants his squish blanket or soft blanket and at least half the time he wants the heavy squish one. We also give him iron supplements and melatonin and thone have really helped with sleep.
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