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My preemie baby was placed on a 24 calorie formula and is not responding well on it. She's Super fussy,gassy,constipatedand cries hysterically when in discomfort. My pediatrician is no help and keeps saying shes fine but i can clearly see her in pain. Any formula recommendations?

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  • My daughter was on 26 calorie enfamil enfacare. She had the same side effects- unfortunately the pros outweigh the cons. I mixed 2 ounces of prune juice with one of her daily bottles and it helped significantly.
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  • What brand of prune juice did you use? Shes on similac neosure and i was thinking of switching to the enfamil one. It might still constipate her but im hoping its a little less harsher on her digestive system.
  • What brand of prune juice do you recommend? Im a first time mom so im clueless.
  • Have you tried switching the bottle? We were using avent & my babies were in such pain but then we switched to dr brown & it solved all our problems without switching from neosure
  • Gerber makes an apple prune juice mixed. I used that until my LO was regular on her own.
  • My little girl was having the same problem and I changed her bottle to the playtex drop ins NO GAS, NO FUSS, NO SPIT UP! Changed my life lol (Also got the petite nipple for it)

    Babies R Us has a bottle and 100 drop ins for $10, doesnt hurt to try.

    Good luck Hun :)
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