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Postpartum 'PUPPS'!?

I am 10weeks post (amazing) baby and I suddenly developed this PUPPS rash about 2 weeks ago- of course none of the 3 doctors knows anything about it and the steroid cream I was prescribed does nothing, so I have accepted my fate. I will be covered head to toe with this horrible itchy welty rash!
But my question is how long does it last? What's the best remedy? I have black pine tar soap and dandelion root tea so far.
Please tell me I'm not alone!!!

Re: Postpartum 'PUPPS'!?

  • That happened to me with my first baby. It was terrible and itchy and I hated it and my dr said it was just my hormones going back to normal... I used lots of lotion and took Benadryl which helped a little...
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