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Baptism Party Question....please weigh in!

My son's baptism is this weekend and we are having a large party in a private room at a restaurant.  I have about 15 kids from age 1-12.  Do I need to have "activities" for them to do or is that their parent's responsibility?  I was going to have a table with coloring books and crayons but then I thought...geez, some of these kids have Kindles and iPads already.  Do I go out and buy some art supplies like crayons and paper or just not do anything and hope their parents bring them toys from home or electronics?  Like I said, it's a private room so if they get a little wild they aren't disturbing other patrons of the restaurant.  I just wasn't sure what my role was as host when it came to little ones.

Re: Baptism Party Question....please weigh in!

  • I agree with PP. When I go to baptisms, weddings or showers with my child I don't expect there to be activities for them, unless it is a birthday party for a child their age. So don't worry it's the parents job.
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  • Agree. Not your problem. Especially, your at a restaurant... Don't they have kids menus and crayons there already? My 1-1/2 year old can be entertained with a napkin and too young for crayons. My oldest had an iPad which never leaves his hands. I would never expect anyone to provide activities for my kids at a restaurant event.
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  • Thank you everyone!  I really appreciate the feedback!
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    I certainly don't think it's your responsibility, but if you can find cheap coloring pages and crayons, I always like having a little "surprise and delight". Makes me look on top of things ;)
  • I would not expect a host to provide entertainment for my kids at any type of party - baptism, wedding, showers.
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    They shouldn't expect activities...but it's your child's baptism, do you want it to be ruined in case another kid needs a distraction? Just a thought. Might be nice to have something as a backup just in case. Not your responsibility but will make the party go more smoothly.
  • I would not expect a host to provide entertainment for my kids at any type of party - baptism, wedding, showers.

    I agree. I've never gone to any social event and expected others to entertain my child. I also don't expect goody bags, even at birthday parties.
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  • As my extended family has grown I've started to provide more and more entertainment for the kiddos at events where I know a lot of younger guests will be attending (we had bubbles and balloons at my sister's sip n see for the kids and at my son's recent baptism we even set up our bouncy house for a bit since there were over 20 children in attendance - including my baby's 3 older siblings). It's not necessary, but a table w coloring pages and a couple puzzles/stickers or something will probably go a long way and will certainly help the kids' parents enjoy the party more. Raid the dollar store.
  • I have 3 kids and I personally wouldn't expect you to provide anything to keep my children entertained. I always bring my own things to keep them occupied. If you did that would be nice of you but not expected.
  • Thanks everyone!  I never got around to getting activities for the kids the end it was totally fine.  The room I had the party in had tables at the perimeter and a big open space in the middle.  They ran wild and had a blast.  Bc it was a private room no one minded.  The boys had brought little toy trucks with them and the girls danced and twirled in the corner.  All was perfect.  Many thanks for weighing in!  Greatly appreciated! 
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