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Anyone else have a "Cat nap king" or Queen

my LO is a good night sleeper but during the day its like he feels he is gonna miss something.., falls asleep for a nap and within 20-40 min is wide awake!!?? I have let him fuss/cry for up to 5 min to see if he will fall back asleep but never happens !? Anyone else barely getting a chance to finish that cup of coffee before the love of our life's wakes up??

Re: Anyone else have a "Cat nap king" or Queen

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    We do! But we don't mind as he usually sleeps 8-630!
  • If I hold my daughter and let her nap / she's out for 2-3 hours. But lately the moment I set her down to sleep in her crib/pack n play she's up right away :/
  • Same here. If he naps in my arms he will usually nap for an hour or two, but anywhere else 15 mins maybe. Although lately he has been the same in my arms as well.
  • Same here!! She's a fantastic night sleeper but naps only 20-40min during the day (except the 3 hours in her car seat today!
  • How many naps during the day do your little ones take?? @Tammyb0828 @mhelthall @lmbovy11 @niesp @mdaugherty8
  • My son sleeps just like that for 20-40 minutes at a time. At night he sleeps two hours between feedings.While I love him so much I would love more sleep myself! 

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  • My daughter usually naps 3 times /day. One at mid morning ...another around 2 and then if I am lucky she will nap through her evening fussies at 6.
  • Baby will nap 30-60 min naps 3-4 times a day. Also he wakes up usually at 5:30-6 but has been taking another hour nap after talking for 15-30 minutes. His normal bedtime around 6 or 7 and he will usually sleep until 10-12 and wake to eat. Then he may wake again between 3-5:30 to eat again. Last night was glorious as he slept 6 pm - 10 pm then 10:30pm - 4:30 am then until 6:30 am!
  • My son sleeps 8ish hours at night but during the day is definitely a cat napper. 15 minutes average... Just enough to tease me lol he's 3 months
  • My daughter is like clockwork, once she is down for a nap, she is up 40-50 minutes later and is still EXHAUSTED and will be cranky after. Everyone tells me not to complain because she is sleeping 10-11 hours a night. I wouldn't mind the short cat naps if she woke up happy but I feel terrible that she is so fussy because she is still tired. Any advice on how I can help her nap longer?
  • Amy how long is she cranky for? It used to bother me when my baby woke up cranky. I've found that is just how it is when she still feels "half asleep" and once I change her diaper and get her going she is all smiles.

    If she wakes up upset in my arms, I quickly and gently lay her down beside me on a pillow. A few times she has settled down and fallen back to sleep and a few times she has "woken up slow" looking around. Sometimes it doesn't work though in which case I nurse her (she sometimes goes back to sleep after a top-up) or if she doesn't want to nurse I pick her up to change her diaper. Seems like that helps wake her up and get some smiles.
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  • That is exactly what my LO does. The only time she will sleep longer through the day is if she is in her swing, then she will sleep for hours. At night she sleeps fine but during the day she just rests her eyes.
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    I let my son nap on his belly since I'm up to keep an eye on him. It helps him sleep a lot better.
  • Hopefully it's just another stage we will all move out of soon! We have also been spending a lot of time at grandma and grandpas house (grandma has cancer) .. He really doesn't sleep well there! I do not know if he picks up on the stress levels or what?..but I will be going back to work next month and it really worries me that he could fight sleep somewhere other then his own home!
  • My stepmom has been babysitting for us and she was having the same issue, with my son only sleeping 15-20 minutes at a time. I told her that when I put him down for a nap I swaddle him in a blanket and turn on his white noise machine (or a fan works too). She was amazed at how much better he slept, he took a 2 hour nap the first day she started doing that!
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