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Baby Eczema

Does anyone else's baby have eczema? If so, what products do you use to keep it under control/manageable?

My daughter has it. It's not bad right now with it being Summer, but I feel like it's going to flare up once Fall hits.

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Re: Baby Eczema

  • My daughter has it behind her ears.  We put aquaphor on any dry skin and it helps A LOT!  I also put baby oil behind her ears during her bath sometimes.
  • I have it on my fingers and my second child had it on her cheeks. But only once. I use cortisone for eczema.
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    Both of my sons have it. My 6 year old grew out of it for the most part and now only has it on his shoulders sometimes and had dandruff but my 18 month old had it all over his legs and tops if his feet. We use All Free and clear detergent. No fabric softener at all (use wool dryer balls but free/clear liquid softener is ok. Do not use sheets!) Aquafer shampoo/body wash, Eucarine lotion etc. but it still flares up so the pedi gave us a RX for a steroid cream. It works amazing! Try all those things but if that doesn't help, tell your dr. all that you've done and ask for a prescription cream.
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  • Eucerin cream apply twice a day especially after a bath has helped a lot.
  • Hello!

    I use 100% natural Shea Butter. It is hard, but when you put a clump in your hands and rub it together, it melts. It's not the best smelling, but since using it, my daughter (15 months) has not had one eczema flair up. I also use Dove soap. 
  • My pediatrician recommended Aquaphor and Dove Sensitive bar soap instead of any baby products. It cleared it up and we gradually re-introduced some baby lotions and he's doing fine now. We use Seventh Generation scent-free detergent and no dryer sheets (those caused severe reaction). Some of his issues were more related to sensitivity than eczema, but the Dove definitely helped the eczema.
  • My son had it. I used Aveno eczema lotion & that helped him. Hope you find something that helps :)
  • Hi there,  We use Summer's Triple Cream.  Works like a charm!!  

  • Hi there!

    I haven't posted much at all on here but have been reading on many topics since my LO was born. I had to reply to these even though i see they are quite dated posts. My LO has had mild-moderate eczema since 2 months old (behind ears, elbows, chest, behind knees and foot creases)... I tried many natural oils and creams, aquafor, cetaphil, etc. None of them seemed to minimize flareups or even help the dry patches.

    There are 2 creams that i recently found that has worked wonders. She is now 6 months. The first one i tried is called Lipikar. It helped minimize the itching quite a bit and moisturized pretty well throughout the day so that at least the scratching wouldn't turn to bleeding. But the second one i was recommended to from a family friend, who's son has severe eczema all over his body, is Avene. This balm has healed up her ears, chest, ankles and elbows within a few days. And her knees are about 85% better. I also bought the oil wash for bathing. It is a non-soap cleanser and has helped considerably.

    As i know every baby is different and while some products work for one, may not work for the other.... I had to mention these two products as i have not yet seen them in any posts on eczema. You can buy both at shoppers as well. They they are not cheap, but if you are feeling as helpless as i did for the past 4 months, no amount would stop me from at least trying!

    I use lipikar on her face as i find it's not as thick and just seems more suitable for her face, which has not had any eczema flareups so i use it just to moisturize.

    Both are great for adults and children.

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