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Almost 2 weeks after D&C - Dizziness

Hi Everyone -

I am new to this board. Almost two weeks ago I had a D&C for a missed miscarriage. Went in for an appointment where I was supposed to be 10w3days and they found no heartbeat and the baby measuring 8 weeks. Since my D&C I have felt pretty good physically. Mild cramping and some brown discharge from the old blood. Last week (one week after D&C) I started bleeding and passing clots and ended up in the ER. They did not see any remaining pregnancy tissue in the sono and all my blood levels were good (even iron) but my pregnancy hormone level was still high (1200). 

All of a sudden yesterday I starting getting dizzy. It was almost almost 100 degrees and the first real time I was out since my ER visit. I definitely overheated quickly and went back inside and stayed resting and drinking water the rest of the day. My question - is getting dizzy at this point normal? I don;t want to call the doctor again since I am going on Thursday and from what I am reading this could be my hormone level crashing back down to zero. Anyone else going through this?


Re: Almost 2 weeks after D&C - Dizziness

  • Sorry for your loss! I think it's pretty normal, but you might want to email your doctor or call the advice line. Your hormones crashed quickly and your body needs time to recover. Drink lots of water and try to relax. After both my miscarriages my doctor told me to take an iron supplement for at least three months even though my levels were ok, he said it's just a good precaution and everyone's "normal" is different.
  • Thank you @edaggrr! I called this afternoon and she told me between the heat and my hormones raging she thinks it could be that. She told me to drink tons of fluids and if I am still dizzy in the morning to come in for a blood draw so they can check my iron levels as well as my hormone levels. I will definitely ask about the iron supplement since I was told to ask about additional folic acid too by the ER doctor.  

  • I had a d&c in April at 9weeks but baby passed at 7w4d. I tried cytotec with no luck and then had a d&c and since I have had off and on dizziness. It sucks.
  • Thanks @cassie71270. I went into the office today and they took urine and did my blood pressure which all looked fine. I went for bloodwork and will know my results on Thursday. Hoping for it to me a little thing like iron just so I can start feeling better soon. 

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