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St. Luke's South or Shawnee Mission Medical

looking at the 2 hospitals and trying to figure out which one is better for the birth of my first baby. Any suggestions? Pros, cons? TYIA!

Re: St. Luke's South or Shawnee Mission Medical

  • I'm going with SMMC; they have been great to work with so far.  Very helpful. 
  • I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I 100% recommend against SMMC. I gave birth there last July, and I had a terrible experience both in L&D and in PP. I asked for a walking epidural after my baby got stuck on my pubic bone, my anesthesiologist missed my epidural space three times (which gave me a raging spinal headache that required a procedure called a blood patch where a huge syringe of your own blood is injected into your spinal cord) and then accidentally gave me a spinal block instead of the walking epidural I requested. My L&D nurse fought with my midwife through my entire stay in L&D, making things super tense for everyone. One of my recovery nurses was sorely under educated about breastfeeding and almost cost me my nursing relationship with my baby. SMMC looks beautiful, and the birthing tub was super nice, but I will never set foot in that hospital again. Next baby will be delivered at OPR!
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  • Just toured st lukes south and it blew me away! Nursing staff was inviting and it was cozy!
  • I have had all 3 at Olathe Medical Center and will have this baby there too. Love the staff and how low of patient load they have per nurse. C section rooms could definently be bigger but other then that I love it.
  • Our two options were SMMC or St. Luke's South and we've decided on SMMC. It's a bit closer of a drive for us (30 minutes vs. 45 minutes) and we really like their facility, especially that they have birthing tubs!
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  • .I'm a fan of all things St. Luke's. Their security in the maternity wards are amazing and they are big on kangaroo care and baby spending as much time in the room with you during your stay as you'd like. I ended up delivering at St Luke's East but had scouted all possible hospitals in the area in case I was out and about and my water broke or something. I wanted backups in all areas just in case. For this one I'll try to get to St Luke's East again as my stay was perfect.
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  • I and most of my family members were born at St. Luke's on the plaza.
    i chose SMMC partially because my husband's job has a partnership with them (they pay us $500 for having a baby there) and partially because I know soooooooo many ladies who have delivered there and the location is very close to us.
    I gave birth this past April. I would have LOVED to use a birthing tub, but I was induced, so no tub for me... My OBGYN's office is also right there, so even if she wasn't the on call Dr that day, she'd be able to make it pretty fast.
    All the nurses but one were amazing. Like parents, they all have their own style of doing things and beliefs in the way things should be done. With them changing so often it was kind of confusing, but I'm sure you'd have that with any hospital.
    Anesthesiologist was AMAZING!! I was dilated to about an 8 when I decided I didn't want to push without an epidural. Yes I could have made it all the way through, but why?
    I'm terrified of needles! He did it so fast and hid everything so well, I didn't even know he had done anything! Till the pain started to go away. :) he was so sweet and fun! My only complaint is how long it took for him to get there. This is because the nurse particularly paged him instead of just anyone because he was the best, and I believe it!! Another poster complained about not having a walking epidural. I was told by my OBGYN and the hospital navigater that they don't do those there because of the risk. New policy maybe?
    The delivery experience was amazing! My Dr and the nurses where all joking around! ! It was like a comedy club! We were all laughing our heads off by the time my little guy decided to show up to the party!
    I understand what one woman said about being discouraged from breastfeeding. The Lactation consultant who visited me basically told me that I wasn't going to be able to breastfeed. Found out after six weeks of major pain and struggling that my son had a severe tongue and lip tie... So not her fault, but I wish Lactation consultants in general had more training in this area. 
    All around, I loved my experience... But it's all I know since this is my first. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions!
    Also OBGYN Reagan Wittik is the best!
  • My OB has had bad experiences with St Luke's and refuses to deliver there anymore. As someone who is very easy going, she's not the type to make a big deal out of nothing.

    I was very happy with SMMC. The only complaint would be with the lactation consultants... Not very helpful.
  • I was born at SMMC and both my boys were born there as well at the new Birth Center.  We plan to have #3 there as well.  Great experience each time.  Over the years they have become more and more baby/mother centered and work really hard to honor the requests of the mother's  The nurses really seem to advocate for the mother's wishes, so be sure to communicate that to them in case you happen to get an OB on call that you're not familiar with.
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