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Melatonin-freaking out

I'm 5 wks 4 days and this is my third pregnancy. I never used melatonin with my first two. I took some last night without thinking (very low dose). Has anyone else used melatonin with previous pregnancies and everything was fine?

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Re: Melatonin-freaking out

  • It's fine (personal opinion). Of course check with your OB if you plan to continue but one dose, I would not freak out. But I also subscribe to the idea that common sense goes along way when wading through those ridiculously long lists of don'ts while pregnant (which i followed to a T with LO #1).
    I eat hotdogs and still touch-up my roots ... Oh and I ate a roast beef sandwich a few days ago b/c I forgot the no lunch meat recommendation. Lol
  • I'm sure it's fine, especially if you only used it once. I agree @browneyes_326, just check with your doctor if you want to continue taking it. And @browneyes_326, I eat hot dogs, too! Not a lot, but just because I have to be in the mood. I ate half of a Schlotzsky's sandwich that my mom left at my house the other day, too. I heated it up, but I still felt guilty! When I really want a sandwich I cook a turkey breast, roast or a ham and carve that meat up, then use it for sandwiches.
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  • Mmmm now I want a hotdog!

    Ok on the subject, I started thinking a I think my OB suggested melatonin when I was having sleep issues.
    Let us know what your Dr says!
  • I have taken it daily with this pregnancy and I'm 36 weeks. My OB is fine with it.
  • Good to know! I take it sometimes when I can't sleep.
  • I've been taking 1mg of and on for years, including during pregnancy. PCP & OB are both aware. 36 yo and experiencing a very healthy 1st pregnancy.
  • My ob said it was totally safe and the most natural way to get some sleep.
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