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pelvic pressure

I am 43 and 12wks 4d along and just began having heavy pelvic pressure. It's not painful, just annoying..anyone else experience this? I have never had it b4. Not sure if I'm up to much or sitting to much. Not sure what to do to alleviate this normal?

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  • Have you told your doctor? 12 weeks is early, but that still may be something they want to check out. It could be bloating or constipation, but it could also be pressure on your cervix. I'd let your doctor know and try to keep pressure off of your cervix and see if it gets any better, stay off of your feet as much as possible and lean back a little when you sit. Just for a little while, to see if that helps.
  • I have been taking it very easy for 2 days..doc has me coming in today for us and rogam..haven't had a us since wk 7...after 3 mc I am very nervous..praying all is well in there..
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  • Just an update... Doc went great...had a tiny placenta tear...everything looks good moving around like was 162... From now on I will b taking it very easy...
  • Ya, I take it easy, too. Sometimes it's just best! They have me stand as little as possible and recline a bit instead of sitting straight up. So glad that they got you in and everything went well, take care of yourself and your little jumping bean!
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