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Introduction- tfmr from misoprostal mentioned

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Hi. I'm 9 days post induction with misoprostal at 16 weeks 1 day. I found out at my 13 week scan my son had Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction (LUTO). We were advised to have a termination right away but we elected to find out if he was eligible for treatment. We had another scan at 14 weeks which looked bad, before a scan at 15.5 weeks showed his bladder had ruptered and his insides were flooded with urine. He was still alive, but we were advised he was likely to pass away within 4 weeks due to his condition. I was induced 4 days later and gave birth to my son the next day. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with misoprostal? How long did you bleed for? When did you start ttc? Our current plan is to wait 8 weeks, after our follow up to find out if Kaden's condition was due to a random mutation (and unlikely to happen again) or a genetic defect (likely to happen again). I'm just curious about other people's experience with this.

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Re: Introduction- tfmr from misoprostal mentioned

  • Hello, I am so sorry for the loss of Kaden. 
    I was induced with Misoprostal at 28 weeks. I do not think the meds used to induce affect bleed time though. I bled for about 3 to 4 weeks, had a couple days of spotting, then back to bleeding for about a week and a half. The only complication I had due to the meds was a high fever during delivery, once it was over, the fever stopped.

    I really hope you find out that it was a one time thing, best of luck!
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  • Omg i really hope I don't bleed that long. I got a fever during delivery too. They were considering taking me in for a d&e it got so high, but then my waters broke. I think it is fairly common with the medication for you to get a fever.

    Little boy due July 31st 2016

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