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Jet lag with 7 mo old

Asking this here because I didn't get anything from the international board yet but just wondering if any moms have experience dealing with this in LO's?

We went to the U.S. and that wasn't so hard. But now that we're back in Japan we are having a horrible time. Cranky and whiny all day, up and down all night, fussy, and I know he's having a worse time than I am being up with him. It's like a regression or growth spurt but much worse :(

He's also teething and has horrible diaper rash and his poop has been all over the place as far as watery/thick/regular/etc. My mom said that was due to teething and not to worry but you know us FTMs.

Any advice or suggestions would be helpful. My husband like to think keeping him up during the day without naps will help him get back on schedule and I can't tell you the irritation and arguments we have had because of that one >_>

Re: Jet lag with 7 mo old

  • Yes. We lived in Europe when we had DD1 and we traveled with her back and forth at all different ages. 5months, 6 months, 8 months, 10... How long has it been since your trip? I never had huge issues. It usually takes them a few days to adjust, just like us adults. Just try to fall back into your old routine / schedule as much as you can and stick with it. And absolutely DO NOT skip naps! If baby is sleeping super long naps during the day then wake them, to reestablish the correct circadian cycle but not skipping daytime sleep is not going to help. If baby is unusually cranky after a week of consistently working on reestablishing old habits, then he may be sick, teething or having a growth spurt...
  • Thanks for the input. I was a bit busy so couldn't reply :0

    He seems to be back on schedule. Only took about 5 days to do so. We had to monitor his naps like crazy for a couple of days and take turns sleeping in his room at night until he got back into routine. I'm hoping he's back into some kind of schedule for a bit longer but I know they never stay in one schedule for that long at this age.
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