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Anyone out there with a child that didn't eat much food before they turned 1?

My 9 1/2 month old daughter doesn't really care much for food.  She doesn't like to be spoon fed and if given finger foods she will only eat just a couple pieces and then she's done.  I have exclusively pumped and provided her with all her milk needs since she was born.  And I know breast milk is really all she needs but I also know she needs to get used to eating food so she will be familiar with it.  Any advice or wisdom from anyone that's had a child like this?  What do I do when she turns one and still doesn't want much food?  Can she have whole milk for her meals?  My other two kids were good eaters so this is new for me.

Re: Anyone out there with a child that didn't eat much food before they turned 1?

  • My lo is only 6 months so I don't have much experience. I am thinking that you might want to mention this to the pediatricians. When I started my lol on foods..rice cereal at first mixed with breastmilk I had to give him a little on my finger to introduce it for a couple of days then we moved to the spoon. He loved green beans, peas, and spinach. Not too crazy about carrots but eventually liked them. My advice would be to mention it to the pediatrician to see if maybe you should go to an OT or nutritionist.
  • My second was like that..I don't remember him eating to many solids til after a year.
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  • my daughter didn't really eat much before 13-14 months.  i fought it at first because i thought it was important and then i let go...she is fine now, a little picky but no 6 month old son eats anything we give him
  • Food before 1 is just for fun.  Your LO is getting all their nutrients from your pumped milk.  You are doing great!  Just keep offering your LO food.  She is dictating when she is full. 
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