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Hi in 24 weeks due nov 2 but im at bed rest at the hospital since yesterday h got magnesium for 24 hrs but my vision ITA really blurry and tired has anyone felt this way??

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    Yuck magnesium is no joke. Don't remember the blurriness but remember feeling very tired and overall icky. I had it during my labor and felt so bad that I kept asking the doctors whether any women had successfully pushed a baby out on magnesium! I ended up having a c sec after 30 hours of unsuccessful labor though. Hang in there mama!
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    I had it two times, made me feel hot and very sleepy/groggy. Most people don't feel well on it I've heard from nurses. The first 30 minutes was the worst.
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    Yes I was on it twice and every tired both times. The extreme blurriness only came with the second dose of it so not sure whether to attribute that to the preeclampsia or magnesium. 

    Just make sure you communicate with your nurses and doctor about your symptoms. 

    Me: 32, DH: 33
    DS #1: April 2010
    DS #2: July 2015 (preemie born at 31 weeks) - our little miracle conceived through ART - unexplained secondary infertility/adenomyosis
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