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Napping issues

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my 6month old sleeps great over night, his morning(not sure if this qualifies as a nap, he usually wakes up at 4:30/5, eats and goes back to sleep about a hour later) and mid morning nap are great but his afternoon nap is terrible. He's so tired when we put him down and he usually falls right to sleep but only sleeps for a 1/2 hr and wakes up crying. When I or my husband go in to calm him, the only thing that works is picking him up where he always falls back to sleep in our arms for another 45 min or so. We've tried putting him down just before he falls back To sleep and we've tried putting him down after he falls asleep but he wakes right up and starts crying again. He's crying because he still tired...he's rubbing his eyes and rolling them back in his head while crying. I end up picking him up because weighing my options..sleep is more important. Problem is...I think I've created a monster! Now this is an everyday occurrence and when he goes to daycare in the fall she won't be doing this. Anyone have any ideas???

Re: Napping issues

  • I'm not ashamed to admit this, but we let our son fuss and cry and he ends up going to sleep in 5-15 min.  He has a lovie that he will hug and pulls up by his face.  If he wakes up in less than an hr and fusses, we don't go get him, he will fuss/cry again for 5-15 min and then sleeps for another hour or so.  He just turned 6 months.  I make sure he naps at least 3 hrs total/day because he is a fuss bucket if he doesn't.  He sleeps at night 7:30pm-630-7am.

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  • Everything @eleolin8 said.
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  • Same. It's like my daughter HAS to cry before falling asleep for naps and bed time. It's less than 10 minutes but it's sort of her thing. I've done that for both my kids.

    Whatever you decide, be consistent and keep in mind that naps are hard for ALL babies, regardless of age. Short naps are common and they are a pain in the ass.

  • Our little one barely naps during the day but is a great night sleeper. I'm lucky if she naps for a half hour during the day. She fights it so much. I often will let her CIO.
  • My LO is a great night sleeper but naps are pretty much nonexistent with him. I end up giving him a few long feeding sessions so he gets some shut eye cuddled with me during the day. Hoping that once he starts crawling he will wear himself out more and nap better during the day!
  • My LO doesn't go down for scheduled naps. She will start to get tired and I put her in the Graco glider bouncy seat and she will fall asleep gliding. then I move her to the crib. Her max is 3 hours min 1/2hr. She will nap in the mid morning around 10/11 and then again aroun 2/3. Sometime when I am out, she will fall asleep around 6:30 and sleep for an hour then wake up and be up until 11pm.
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