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New Moms in Walnut Creek area?

I'm a new mom of twin girls, born in June, and looking to connect with other first time moms in the East Bay for a momma group!

Re: New Moms in Walnut Creek area?

  • I know this post is a month old but I thought I would still reply. I'm a Walnut Creek area mom to twin boys born in March. I would love to connect -- especially with another twin mommy!
  • Jumping on late too. I'm a soon to be twin mommy in Walnut Creek-due mid November (maybe). Would love to connect as well and get some expert advice
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  • The bump isn't very active for the northern California area, but if you're on other social media websites there are a lot of groups there.
  • Im a FTM... I live in the Walnut Creek area as well... wanting to link up with new mommies also!
  • I found some Walnut Creek mamas who are on Parenthoods. There were some really good local community events for families near the end of the year. Anyway, the discussion feed shows other families near you (WC and other East Bay) and what they're talking about so you can share and get advice. It's a free iPhone app.
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