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Unity Hospital birth reviews please

Has anyone here delivered at Unity?  My niece is anxious about delivering there due to some negative stories she's heard (for issues not related to child birth) & I'm hoping to ease her mind.  I'd appreciate any info, good or bad.


Re: Unity Hospital birth reviews please

  • My OB told me at my last appt. that they will be moving everyone to the new Mother Baby Center at Mercy, which opens in 1-2 weeks.  She also told me all of the OB's there were trained in water deliveries, which most aren't.  Although they no longer oversee water deliveries (the Midwives do) she said it was really good training for them in being patient and letting patient's labor progress naturally (since I had asked about having as little intervention as possible unless necessary).  I was also planning on delivering at Unity since it is closer to us, but am excited about our upcoming tour at Mercy.
  • Thank you so much for that information!
  • I hope she was able to deliver elsewhere. I had my son on July 23. We were hoping to make it to out August due date to deliver at the CR mother baby center. I will just say Unity wasn't the greatest atmosphere to deliver and I'm glad they are done.
  • I work in the ED at Mercy and will be delivering there as well. The new MB center looks really nice. Abbot is probably just slightly closer to me but I like the new center.
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