Pregnant after a Loss


Im 5 weeks 4 days, have had 3 losses, 2 in the past year. Last one was in February. I am havin my hcg levels checked. They are currently 1737. Does that seem normal? SO nervous.... Will test again in a week.


  • My doctor is monitoring my levels as well. However, she will not give me actual numbers as she does not want me to get hung up on them because everyone is different and will produce different levels at different times. I have seen a chart that shows around 5w since LMP HCG can range from 18-7340. As long as you are doubling every 48hrs just try and put your mind at ease because that's what really matters. Best of luck to you. T&P.
  • It's totally true that number can mean little - they vary for everyone. BUT, I did find this chart helpful and reassuring:
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  • See if they'll test again 48 hours from your last draw. If it doubles or is close, then they're happy!
  • One number in isolation can't really tell tou much. Ditto checking it again in 48 hours.

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