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Hopeful and Delusional All At The Same Time

Just lurking from the TTCAL board.  Not sure if I should post this here or in 1st Trimester.  If someone thinks I should post this there, then let me know.  Let me begin by saying I know that I am symptom spotting (again), and I know that the only way to find out for sure is to take a test or go to the doctor, etc.  Just hear me out.  I just have a question at the end after I tell my "story".

So, July 10th, I woke up to find AF had came along.   Which is weird because usually she is preceded by some serious cramping.  Like usually when AF comes around I am doubled over with the heating pad.  I had some cramps, but none like I usually do.  Also the flow was not as heavy (I know TMI) as it usually is.  I'm not going to get into colors here, not going to gvie that much TMI lol.   First day isn't too heavy usually anyway, but it usually twice as heavy than it was that day.  Usually by the second day I"m to quote my mother (again TMI) "flowing like a faucet".  Except that I wasn't.  It was similar to the first day.  After the second day, my period stopped.  Usually I go four to five days.  This went only two days.  My previous period was normal.   I typically have irregular cycles, but I have been marking days on calendars when we have been trying.   I put my start date in the app on my phone and it calculated the say when I ovulated.  I went back and we had, had TTC'd around that time.  I work on averages.  After the 14th day we usually go every other day until day 26th day.  My average cycle is typically 33 to 35 days give or take a day,    I know I should temp, but I'm frankly I just can't seem to get in the habit.  But anyway.  Fast forward to today, the wee hours of the morning on July 15th.  Between July 13 and now, every night I have been super nauseated (mostly when I'm standing), super gassy, breasts are tender sometimes but not always, and I have lower back pain.  I've had a few sharp stabbing pains that have came and gone in my sides.   I also get very cold every night as well, and usually I'm a hot natured person.  I thought I was sick, but I don't have a fever either time.

Like I said I am probably just symptom spotting.  Then I got on the dreaded Google.  I've looked at some other forums and there have been ladies on there that thought they were having their periods, but turned out to be implantation bleeding.  I've read several incidences of this.  My first (which was also my last) pregnancy did not have implantation bleeding.  I had bleeding later on due to a SCH, but then I lost that baby at 9w6d

So just out of curiosity,  have any of you ladies ever thought you were having AF but then it turned out to be implantation bleeding because you turned up pregnant later?  I'm just wondering.  Like I said I know the only surefire way to know is to take a test, which I plan to do later on since it is too early to turn a test.   I realize that more than likely it was just a shorter than normal AF and I want a baby so bad that I am delusional.    But anyway like I said, I was just wondering. 

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  • BFP: 09/11/2015
  • EDD: 05/25/2016
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Re: Hopeful and Delusional All At The Same Time

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