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Double Snap n Go vs Joovy Double Stroller

We have chicco key fit car seats.... which stroller do you like?

Re: Double Snap n Go vs Joovy Double Stroller

  • I don't have Chicco, but the Double Snap N Go, used if you can find it, is the way to go. Prob will only be able to use it until 7 or 8 months anyway, so get the long term one(s) you want later.
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  • Double Snap N Go works great with the Keyfit 30! Love that stroller!
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  • I'm getting Chicco and the Snap N Go. I don't like how the Joovy has them pointing out away from me. Seems like an invite for strangers to come a prowl on your baby.
  • We have the same car seats and have the city select double stroller and love it! it is perfect for twins!
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