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Boca Regional v Boca West

Which is preferred?

Re: Boca Regional v Boca West

  • I'm making the same decision. based on my birth plan (a more natural approach) boca regional seems to be the better fit so far
  • Thank you. I was thinking the same, but am concerned that Boca West has a higher rated NICU.
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  • I chose Boca Regional. Go do a tour at both. I only did one at Regional but felt very comfortable with them and how they run everything. You get a private room for labor and delivery but you do get moved to a post-partum room afterward &, unfortunately, you share a bathroom with one other room. But regardless, everything else was right in line with how I'd like my birth to go - they are very breastfeeding oriented and have tons of help from lactation nurses, skin-to-skin right after birth, no Hep B vaccine for baby, baby cosleeps in the room with you. You can also request birthing balls and water tubs ahead of time of you want to use them.
  • Per my ob Boca regional has a level 2 nicu which is equipped for most issues. The only reason you would really need a level 3 nicu like at boca west is if the baby comes super early.
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