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Not so good news at 20 week scan

My baby has a thick NF and a cyst on her brain. My dr said it's nothing to worry about, just markers for downs. But she offered me a test (which i had done) that takes the babys dna from my blood snd telks her chromosomes. So we will know for sure in 7-10 days she said. She advised against this test but i got it anyway. I am scared. I am 38. My other kids never had any markers for anything. This is all new to me. Am i hoping against hope here???

Re: Not so good news at 20 week scan

  • MelJavMelJav member
    Down sundrome kids also bring joy. Whatever the result is- you can be a great mommy. Nothing u can do now unless u terminate the pregnancy.
  • Ultrasounds can be off a mm or two, I had a scare with my baby's brain and after an M.R.I. to get a better looks everything seems fine. I've read a lot of posts on here where babies have cysts on their brains that resolve on their own in utero. Do you know why your doctor advised against it? I did that blood test as well. Honestly, I'm on couch potato rest and have nothing better to do so I'm on this board a lot. I've only read one story out of everything that people post on four different boards where the baby had Downs, and that person's baby's bones were measuring short. I know it's gonna be a long 7-10 days, but try to think positive and hang in there. The good news is you should also get the sex of the baby!
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  • HWKIHWKI member
    My doctor said the chromosome test is more accurate than a nuchal scan, so try to hang in there until you get the results. One of my friend's little ones had markers for Downs Syndrome in the nuchal and did not have Downs.
  • Hang in there, waiting for test results is so hard!


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  • enigmaanjel  I would love to know why your doctor advised against the DNA test.
  • The cell free DNA test is a screening test. Any positive results MUST then be confirmed with invasive testing such as CVS or Amniocentesis. The invasive testing takes a sample if the baby's DNA directly through the fluid (Amniocentesis) or placenta (CVS). It's possible the doctors just wanted you to go straight to the invasive testing for the must accurate answer. Cell free DNA testing is a great noninvasive test, there is a slightly higher percent error with this test, though.

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