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Morning crying and screaming

My baby wakes up every morning screaming and crying while we change her diaper and will continue until we get her a bottle. She gets so hysterical while we're changing her and this has been happening since she was a newborn. She is 7 months old now. Will she grow out of this soon where she can wake up actually happy? My husband and I are like an assembly line in the morning where we wake her up, rush her diaper on her and im downstairs waiting with bottle in hand just to get her to stop screaming! 

Re: Morning crying and screaming

  • She might grow out if it. I do know that my baby does the same thing if I wake her up before she is ready. It really upsets her. If she wakes up on her own she's a smiley happy girl. I know that's not always a possibility though.
  • We had a similar problem. Now we have a bottle ready to go (all it needs is water) and as soon as I hear him do something other than his jibber jabber we go fill it up and feed him first, then change his diaper. I hate making him wear that diaper any longer than he needs to but he's much better when changing him after he has a full belly. Maybe she's just really hungry?
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    Cant't you just hand her the bottle while she's still in the crib (they usually can hold their own at this age, if not then hold for her), or pick her up and feed before changing her? Mine wakes up happy but as soon as she sees me she demands to eat and if I take too long changing her she gets frantic. They are hungry when they wake up, esp if they're sttn...
  • We thought about that; feeding her before but her diapers are so big from sleeping all night we hate to just leave her in it for alittle longer. Thanks for the comments. On the weekdays we always wake her up and yes then shes really upset, but on the weekends she'll wake up and be happy but as soon as we start changing her diaper she freaks out and wants to be fed asap. Hopefully soon she'll grow out of it haha because its very frantic right now in the morning! 
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