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*** 2nd tri check-in - 07/13/2015 ***

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I haven't noticed a 2nd tri check-in for this board in awhile so I figured I could step in and start one. So please bear with me!

This is a weekly check-in for those in their 2nd trimester: weeks 14 through the end of week 27.

Congrats to all the strong ladies who have made it this far! It's such a great feeling and we've all accomplished so much!

I am hoping I'm not too alone one this board. Please post below a little about yourself, how many beans you have growing inside, if you have found out the sex(es) and what your EDD is. Please also let us know how far you've made it on your journey and when your next appt is and what for.

QOTW: Has anyone planned a babymoon or anything special to do before the hard final trimester? 


Re: *** 2nd tri check-in - 07/13/2015 ***

  • After struggling to get pregnant and stay pregnant since our wedding in the fall of 2012, we eventually made our way to a fertility specialist. After failed IUI's and a fresh IVF cycle that ended in a loss, we are currently expecting thanks to a FET. 

    As of today, we are 15w2d with two bouncing beans. Our last appt was at 11w6d and they both looked amazing, waving and dancing and we were given the green light to announce as our fertility Dr and OB said they both looked great. At that appt, we were given a due date of 1/2/16 but were told that we would not be allowed to go past 12/21 due to there being two in there. 

    Our next appt is scheduled for Friday where they will basically give me a small check up and we'll get to listen to their heartbeats. We are a little disappointed that we won't be able to see them this go around, but patience is a virtue, or so I've been told. We will then schedule our anatomy scan and at that point, will hopefully find out what we are having! 

    QOTW: I wish we could do something fun and outrageous for our babymoon but with all of the fertility and medical bills we've had over the last year, we are a little tight on money. Especially since DH allowed me to leave my job after our last M/C so I could stay home and remain stress free to be a good incubator. 
    So we decided that we will go see his favorite comedian who is coming to town (Norm Macdonald, I married a weirdo) and then spend the night in a hotel downtown.
  • Hello again! Sunday was the start of week 14 for me, due January 10th. 1 healthy nugget in there and moving around like crazy! I only feel it every now and then, but when we listen with the Doppler I have to chase around the heartbeat :) it's so amazing to know the LO is in there and so active! I didn't have any of the early testing done, so no idea on if it's a boy or girl. I'm hoping we can do the anatomy scan early (18 weeks) so we can find out before we go to our family reunion! It's kind of going to be our babymoon, too since it's a week's vacation to northern Maine. My next appointment is Friday, and it's just a checkup as far as I know, he may send me for an u/s since the last one we had was the one at the RE. I hope he does, because I already miss seeing my little wiggle worm!

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  • @andimegie325, how exciting! We have debating getting a doppler but are worried we'd only find one twins heartbeat with how they're positioned.
    The family reunion sounds fun! Hopefully you can eat a little bit of the great seafood while you're there.
  • It's honestly been such a peace of mind for me. I don't use it often, maybe once every week, just as a reassurance. I would probably be out of my mind, because lately I don't even feel pregnant anymore other than the occasional food aversion (thankfully not seafood!!) and having to pee all night still. Totally worth the $25 on Amazon!

    8 Years
    2 Miscarriages
    2 Ectopic Pregnancies
    1 Round of Clomid
    1 Fresh IVF Cycle
    1 Bean and 5 Frosties!
  • I'm 15 weeks with one baby.

    I'm travelling in September/October for 3 weeks most of the time in UK visiting family and friends who we have not seen in 2 years but on out way there we are stopping for 3 nights in Istanbul. My Dh and I are huge travelers so we couldnt resist an opportunity to stop in turkey and have 3 days exploring.

    I stopped being ill and them bam had a terrible, possibly my wordy three days of constant headaches and nausea !! Thankfully today feing good again. Wasn't too impressed with that surprise show by the nausea ... But glad it was short lived
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    Oh and on the Doppler thing! I'm obsessed a friend lent me hers as she is now 8 months and can feel her baby.

    It's been such piece of mind when I have my irrational panic moments
  • @Somewhereinafrica- so glad you popped up again! I get worried when I don't see a post from you after awhile.

    Your travel plans this year sound amazing! 

    We are still thinking of getting the doppler but we shall see. I'm glad it gives you ladies peace of mind. 
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