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I'm 10 weeks. When will the nausea go away?? Ugh.. :((

Re: Nausea

  • For my pregnancies it's always been between 15 and 17 weeks, but no one can predict how it will go for you.
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  • I'm 15 weeks 5 days. Nausea started fading after 14 weeks, but I still have a few moments where it comes at me and I haven't vomited in two weeks now. It also depends on which vitamins I am taking. Those "one-a-day" pills are the worst.
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  • It came and went for me.
  • It often starts going away some time during the 2nd trimester, but with some pregnancies it never goes away, so there's no way to tell in advance.
  • I find that my nausea is my body's way of talking to me. For example, I will feel nauseated if I am hungry - so unfair since the nausea makes it so hard to put that first fork full in my mouth :) Or my nausea is worsened when I salivate and don't spit out the saliva. Ice cream is my new best friend because I t seems to settle my stomach. Also a girlfriend had luck with eating a soda Cracker first thing in the morning *before* getting up...or even sitting up. Hopefully your nausea passes soon! Hang in there!
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