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My older son (4 years old) keeps waking up my 3 month old on purpose. Any time the baby is napping, or relaxing while having a bottle, he will come over and wake him up. We have explained to him several times this is unacceptable, and even have resorted to taking away toys or special treats, but he continues to do this.

Anyone experience this? How do I stop it? Thanks in advance!

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  • Personally never had my kids purposely wake up my youngest. You could also do time outs. But it seems as your child doesn't take you seriously. Maybe a bigger discipline. That's personally what I would do.
  • Maybe he is acting out in jealousy? Maybe try to do something special with him?
    If it were me I would just make sure he isn't left alone with baby when sleeping but if he is able to wake up baby I would just keep explaining and telling him how this isn't acceptable behavior and explain what he should do instead I.E just looking at baby not touching.
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