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Cot to Toddler bed

hi everyone I'm knew here and this question has prob been asked but wat is the best age to get your kid out of a cot and into a bed?? Also is it best to go to a toddler bed or maybe a single or a double??


Re: Cot to Toddler bed

  • I haven't transitioned yet but plan on going right to a twin bed.  A toddler bed only lasts so long and I am pretty sure there are going to be nights where we will be laying in bed with him. 
  • mhwoodmhwood member
    We found a toddler bed was a waste of money. When the time is right, we'll be switching her into a queen sized mattress on the floor.

    As far as when to move them out, I would say when being in a crib is unsafe for them because of the ability to climb out.
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