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CD1 after MC?

I had a MC on 6/22 I was a little over 5 weeks, by 6/24 my hcg was 13. I stopped bleeding on 6/29 and had my hcg done again on 7/1 and it was less then 2. I started bleeding and had cramps again on 7/7 and now it has. The first day it was very light and only brown and then pink by the end of the day, the next day it was red and then the day after that it was brown and very light again and now its gone. My period is normally 5-6 days and from everything everyone has told me the first AF is very heavy. DH and I started dtd after I stopped bleeding so maybe only a few times. I just want this all to end so we can move on and start trying. Not sure if that was AF and I should count it as CD1 or not. Any advice would be great, thank you!

Re: CD1 after MC?

  • I had a D&C the same day as you (my beta was 10,000 pre-op at 9w2d) with just a little over a week of spotting after. My HPTs didn't turn negative until CD12 and at CD17 my beta was 8. I'm CD19 today and my body has attempted to ovulate twice, but I don't think I'll personally get a period until I successfully ovulate first. Only 3% of FF Charts with the "First Cycle After Miscarriage" criteria checked are anovulatory.

    Your betas started much lower than mine, but fell faster. I'm tempted to say that bit of bleeding was leftover/belated from the D&C, but there's no way to tell unless you're temping/charting. You really should at least be temping, otherwise dating a subsequent pregnancy will be very difficult given your odd post-D&C bleeding pattern.

    Here's my chart for reference:
  • Thank you for replying and i'm so sorry for your loss :( Yeah my levels were not doubling so we knew something was up and they never got above 43 and i ended up miscarrying naturally a couple days after that blood draw :/ I have been using opks and they have been all over the place but I did get a + opk for the first time since the mc this morning. I read something about ovulation bleeding so maybe that's what it was I don't know. 

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  • I had a natural miscarriage may 23rd, I used pregnancy tests and on June 10 was negative. But June 8th thru the 15 the I had very light spotting blood. Wasn't sure if it was my period or not. But finally day 48 got my period just like it use to be light and not that bad. I think it really depends on your body. I'm sorry for your loss.
  • Thank you fairygirl86! I'm so sorry for your loss as well. I guess I will play this out and see what happens now that i got the + opk.
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