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What's with my toddler???

I had surgery on Monday and have not been able to care or really interact with my almost-two year old. My husband is struggling with discipline as well as meals and family time. My daughter who is usually fairly active while I'm in charge has turned into a little terror. Do you think it's the change of routine or lack of my presence? I am usually the dsciplinarian and primary caregiver but now it's changed up a bit. My fun, let's put daughter get away with murder is having a hard time laying down the law.
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Re: What's with my toddler???

  • Probably a combination of both. DS is an angel whenever I'm here but when I leave and it's just my SO... He becomes a terror around him because my SO will not discipline him unless DS does something that really aggitates him. I feel like DS knows this and walks all over my SO.

    I say get back into the routine of things and things should get back to normal
  • Ah, 2 year old's :) They are so much fun. 3 is even better!

    You have to stay on top of kids at that age and constantly be guiding them, redirecting, ignoring or disciplining when necessary.

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  • I recently had chicken pox and Pregannt and I was down and out for a few days so my son really didn't see me much at all as I was basically in bed for days, my 2 year old went fetal. So naughty, back chatting fighting everything. Now about a week later his starting to get better :) I think it was my lack of being around. When you get back into it, things will get better. Keep your chin up.
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