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Not weight bearing at 15 months...so worried

Hi guys, i havent been on here very much since I've had Emily, but used to go on here all the time when I was pregnant. I have an adorable little 15 month old daughter. We are very worried about her. She can't bear weight on her legs at all, so is nowhere near pulling up, walking, etc. She doesn't crawl, but she does scoot around on her bum since a little over a year old. We took her to physio and they said she has low average muscle tone. She hates being on her tummy. She can't sit up when she is lying down, but once shes up she can sit and scoot. She can roll, but doesn't do it much. She is incredibly happy and social and wonderful. She's also not gaining weight that great. We have trouble with her eating and she weighs only 18 pounds. We saw a neurologist 4 weeks ago and he thought it might be sma or some other muscle disease. She had blood work 2.5 weeks ago for the sma test and it will take 4-6 weeks to get results. We are beyond devastated and worried. I feel like I am in a nightmare. Just wondering if anyone else has any problems with motor delays or is going through anything similar.

Re: Not weight bearing at 15 months...so worried

  • I'm sorry you're going through this. I don't have similar issues but my daughter was diagnosed with craniosynostosis at 9 mound had pretty major surgery at 13 months. Delays are a possibility and so is another surgery so I know that worried feeling. My thoughts are with you....
  • I don't have advice or experience, but just wanted to say I'll be keeping you and your daughter in my prayers. I hope you get more information and a plan of action from the doctors soon. I'm sure the waiting is so hard....
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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this!
    I had a friend who's daughter was having some of the same problems, and she did so well with physical therapy. She's up and walking all over the place now! I hope you get good results from the tests and that your LO will be a mover soon :)
  • Sorry, no experience/advice but sending prayers your way!
  • Thanks for the thoughts and prayers 
  • I have a friend w a 12 month old. When she wasn't weight bearing at 10 months she went for therapy. She's getting stronger and can stand by pulling herself up. She has been doing tummy exercises to use and build arm muscles. All she really wants to do is sit. But the therapy seems to be helping. Good luck!
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  • Thoughts and prayers with you and your LO. You are being a good proactive mama. They do so many awesome things in the medical world now a days don't give up hope. :-)
  • Push for more therapy a few times a week and they should be givingn you things to do at home. She may not like some of the exercises but they will be good for her. If you watch and go to the Therapy's they should be showing you exactly what to do good luck and I really hope everything turns out good. Also if she is not eating properly there should be things to give her like different shakes and stuff I would think that's another question to talk to the doctors about don't let them push you around advocate for your little one it's hard. Right on your questions down and make sure you get complete answers that you're satisfied with and if not ask again. This is how I get questions answered for my children then you're not so overwhelmed and you won't forget if you have them written down. You can even bring a recorder and record the whole conversation just let the dr know it's for your records.
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