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those of you who are charting...

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If you started charting right after your mc can you share your experience with me. I am not sure how to share my chart or I would. I had a positive opk about a week and a half after mc. And again yesterday 21 days post mc. My tempts are all over the place. Their high then low and everywhere in between. I took an hpt 5 days after my mc started and it was neg.

My real question is once I actually ovulate will I notice a constant elevation in temp or could I still expect them to be unpredictable? Opinions and experiences are appreciated! !

Re: those of you who are charting...

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  • Your temps will fluctuate day to day. Look for the overall pattern. Once you ovulate, your temps should be higher than the previous ones. If you're not using Fertility Friend for charting I would highly recommend it - it's what most of the ladies on the TTGP board use, so they can help out if you ever have a question. The website/app also has lots of tutorials and quizzes to help you understand how to read the charts.

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  • I had a d&e. The first cycle my temps were very up and down, but overall they went down until ovulation, then made an arc in the luteal phase. The next cycle was crazy. Very up and down and no arc. I found out I still had leftover hcg, which would affect things, but I was surprised that cycle was worse than the previous one. This cycle my temps are perfect.
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  • I've been charting since my D&C on 6/22 (I was 9w2d, a week earlier we saw on track growth and a heartbeat) I needed the D&C due to severe hemorrhaging, and my beta preop was 10,000.

    2 days later I had a textbook fall of 75%/down to 2,500 (you're supposed to drop 1/2 your beta HCG for each day after the D&C). My temps remained high while I was spotting. I kept taking $ store HPTs to track the fall. Got my first -HPT on CD12.

    Around CD13, everything looked ready to O in the next 24hrs and my OPK was this.close to positive. Then around CD15 all of my signs closed up shop like I ovulated. I even had 3 above cover-line temps. My beta draw on CD17 was down to 8.

    Then yesterday (CD18) happened with a ridonkulously low temp dip. My crosshairs got revoked. (Interestingly enough, if I treat the CD13 OPK as a positive, I get them back -see attached), I got a glaring positive OPK and again my body appeared to gear up for O.

    I've never had to deal with multiple fertile windows before, and to be honest, it makes me a little batty. Charts attached.
  • I had a miscarriage on 6/22. I counted the first day of heavy bleeding as cd1. My Temps stayed high until cd12. They are up and down, but I'm confident I will see a shift.
  • @Aquarius923 I'd love to see your chart if you don't mind, since our CD1s are the same. I'm seeing a lot of the same ups & downs you're describing. Are your follicular phase temps slightly higher than previous cycles too?
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