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Looking for video monitor recommendations

Hi All,

I am working on creating my registry and am lost when it comes to video monitors. Everyone I look into seems to have completely mixed reviews. The features I definitely want are a good clear picture at night and long range (~700 feet). Looking for recommendations on which one to buy (or not buy). 

-Which video monitor do you have? 

-Do you like it and would you recommend it?

-Have you had any issues with it?


Re: Looking for video monitor recommendations

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    I have wifi baby and it's great! It's not easily installed unless you have an IT degree, but they have people that set it up for you using your desktop computer. I also want a dropcam, since they are easier installed and my friends rave about them! Both cost about the same but dropcam is a much smaller device. :) I posted a pic of my wifi baby. You can use both cameras at home or away..
  • I am a huge fan of the Ibaby monitors. Totally recommend it. Only downside in my opinion is price.
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  • We have a Summer Infant Ultra Sight monitor and it's fantastic. Great clear picture at night or during the day, no interference! I can seriously hear him breathing with this thing. We live in a two-story home and it has given us super quality performance, even works if we are in the garage or back yard and baby is upstairs! 

    We received a Motorola video monitor from Babies R Us as a free gift after spending a certain amount. We were living in a tiny, cramped apartment when our baby was first born, and it didn't even work when we were in the next room. I can't remember the exact model, but I was very glad we hadn't spent anything on it! We purchased the Summer Infant and never looked back. 

  • We have a dropcom. I love it! I get alerts for movement or sound and I can watch my lo from my iPhone from anywhere.also when you no longer need a baby monitor u can use it as a security camera.
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